Mission Statement

Our mission is to build the capacity to recognize, appreciate, encourage, and empower a new generation of Rwandanese women, children, youth, poor, afflicted by HIV and victims of genocide. It is the lifting them out of their economic, social and emotional difficulties that they will be able to grasp a life of freedom, peacefulness, productivity and hope.


Our Purpose

The agony of war and genocide of 1994 will continue to impact these people until healing finds its way into their hearts through the power of love and God’s Holy Word.

As members of the Kingdom of God we have the following obligation:

  • To listen to the very needy peoples stories of their personal situation in Africa.
  • To share these stories to listening partners outside of Africa.
  • To identify priorities and together offer possible solution reflected in these needs.
  • To work for change with an attitude of love as we maintain our focus on hope.